Northern Indiana Team Choices

In August 2010 the Indiana Department of Child Services contracted with Choices, Inc. to help transition youth from residential care back to their homes or to another non-institutional setting closer to home. DCS started this pilot because children who are home or as close to home as possible are happier and healthier. This new pilot program, which is unique to northern Indiana, has been named NITCH and is a partnership between DCS and Choices, Inc.

NITCH is not the Dawn Project, which provides cross system care coordination in Marion County. There are some similarities but the goals of each program are vastly different. Click here if you would like to learn more about cross system care coordination.

Key Differences
NITCH differs in two primary ways from cross system care coordination:

NITCH lengths of stay are a maximum of six months, lengths of stay in cross system care coordination average 6-12 months

The primary goal of NITCH is to reduce lengths of stay in residential treatment and provide brief stabilization. Cross system care coordination focuses on preventing residential placement, extending stabilization within the community, and reducing lengths of stay in existing residential placements